When You Die, Consider Going Green

Walt Whitman called the grass "the beautiful uncut hair of graves." At the time he wrote the poem "What is the Grass?" the bodies beneath the ground was probably feeding the vegetation since embalming did not become widespread in the United States until after the Civil War. In recent years, some people have embraced a green burial that does not use embalming or a standard casket. This method allows the dead to return to the earth as they did before the Civil War. Read More 

5 Simple Ways To Practice Funeral Etiquette

Attending a funeral with your family can occasionally be a stressful experience -- you're determined to convey your sympathy to the grieving family, but you must also ensure your children behave properly and don't get frightened by their new surroundings. Although nothing compares to the process of actually visiting the funeral home and meeting others, it's important to prepare for the event by providing going over some etiquette tips. Here are five simple ways that all your family members can ensure they're on the best behavior. Read More 

Tips For Making Foster Children A Part Of The Family

When foster children are brought into foster families, you never know what they have been through. This may be their first time in the foster care system or it may be something they have been in and out of all of their lives. Whatever the case may be, it's your job as a foster parent to keep them safe now. If you want to take a few extra steps, you can also do a bit to try and let them know they are now part of a family, even after they leave. Read More 

Four Challenges Single Parent Adoption Can Pose

If you are a single person looking to adopt, you will need to be up for the both the challenge of the adoption process and raising a child. This isn't to say it is impossible, and plenty of single parent adoptions are approved and are a success. Here are four things to remember if you are planning to adopt a child on your own. 1. Adopted Children May Have More Needs Read More 

Find Relief From Anxiety By Changing Your Diet

Living with anxiety is a problem that affects many people and you might not be the only person living with the consequences of it. In fact, your family is probably affected by this more than you realize. Seeking counseling is one way to overcome your anxiety issues, but learning what types of foods to consume can also have a positive impact on the way you feel. Here are some tips to help you eat right, which may bring relief to your nervousness and irritability caused by your anxiety. Read More